Booking Process

When the arresting officer takes a defendant to a West Valley Detention Center, they are now in the process of being “booked” for their particular offense.

How Long Does the Booking Process Take?

The booking process at West Valley depending on conditions is generally slow, so please be patient. How long it takes depends on how many of the standard booking procedures are conducted (explained below), the number of arrestees being booked at the same time, and the number of police officers involved in the booking process. Less than an hour would be considered fast and 4 hours or longer could be considered on the slower side.

Typical Steps in the West Valley Detention Booking Process:

Step 1: Officer will put the defendant’s basic information and charges into a computer database

Many years ago this information became part of a handwritten police blotter, but today virtually all booking records in our country are done with a computer.

Step 2: Taking the infamous “mug shot”

Mug shots have more uses than to just mock celebrities who fall on hard times. For example, a mug shot can determine which of two people with the same name was arrested. A mug shot can also help determine a defendant’s physical condition at the time of arrest. Bail bond companies can also use the mug shot to help them find somebody who has “skipped” bail and is now being located by a hired bounty hunter.

Step 3: All clothing and personal property is placed into police custody

Any articles that are not deemed to be jail contraband or evidence of a crime must be returned to the suspect upon release from jail.

Step 4: Fingerprints are taken

Fingerprinting has become the standard booking record of all FBI, local, state and federal policing agencies.

Step 5: Checking for warrants

After the fingerprints is taken a statewide search is done looking for any other pending warrants in other states and cities. If any other warrants do arise there may be additional charges and bails assigned to the defendant for past offenses.

Step 6: Conducting a full body search

San Bernardino officers routinely make cursory pat-down inspections at the time of arrest. Far more intrusive (and to many people, deeply humiliating) is the strip search that is often part of the booking process. To prevent weapons and drugs from entering a jail, booking officers frequently require arrestees to remove all their clothing and submit to a full body search.

Once the process in complete you can call (or we can call on your behalf) and will be given booking information (bail, arrest date, visiting information, court date, charges and booking number). Most jails will ask you the complete legal name of the defendant and their date of birth when asking for this information.

Please be aware there is no way anybody outside the jail can initiate a direct contact with the defendant. If a defendant has called you, let them know you have called Abierto 24/7 Bail Bonds and to not hire or work with another agency. If more than one agency becomes involved, a lot of confusion might occur, which will delay a defendant’s release from jail.